One of my most vivid childhood memories is of the food my parents cooked for us. I can still smell the aromas and feel the taste of these gastronomic memories we all have wherever we come from.

I can also recall the atmosphere of our Sundays around the family table...the anticipation and joy of social gathering at its purest form - relatives and close friends all eating and drinking together. As time goes by, traditions like this, along with the freshness and purity of the handpicked vegetables from the backyard garden or the age-old recipes of homemade food- seem to fade away.

I strongly believe that abandoning these values would mean a great loss. This is why we set as our target to safeguard them and turn them into qualities that any decent meal should have. We rely on our memories and our authentic Greek and Mediterranean recipes to offer the same outstanding homemade flavors, not only to our family and friends but also to millions of consumers around the world.

Konstantinos Souliotis
President and Managing Director

New global trends and travel experiences allow consumers to have easier access to the richness of ethnic cuisines. To those who have actually visited one of the Mediterranean countries, tens of millions are added each year. They all wish to enjoy the benefits of our gastronomy.

Our goal is to offer them authenticity and quality! We count on the authentic recipes we work with for decades while searching for more, like our new fish recipes from the Aegean islands.Then we turn to the ingredients: their freshness and purity is a constant prerequisite for our suppliers. And then we make sure the taste is right, delicious, homemade, classic! This is where innovation comes in: new technologies enable us to produce traditional food on a large scale.

What we know best, though, is to meet our customers’ needs whichever is the target market – European, Arabian, American or Asian! This is not an easy task, but its accomplishment makes us really proud!

Vasileios Souliotis
Member of the Board