Palirria was founded in 1957, on the island of Evia-Greece as a privately owned business by the entrepreneur Antonis Souliotis. Its primary purpose was the production and distribution of traditional ready to eat meals for the Greek and International markets. Palirria S.A. remained a personal business until 1982, when it acquired a corporate form with the participation of Antoni Souliotis' sons, Konstantinos and Vasilis.

This corporate structure gave Palirria a potential that resulted in a leadership position in the Greek market. In 1989 Palirria began to invest in modern and technologically advanced facilities and new offices. The project was completed in 1992 with the reallocation of its operations.

In 2000 Palirria established a wholly owned subsidiary, Palirria Bulgaria L.t.d, in order to invest in a new factory to boost export efforts.

From 2010 and afterwards Palirria shifted even more its focus on exports, leading to a significant rise in sales and profits in the next years.

Today, Palirria is the leading Greek exporter of ready to eat meals and proudly holds the position of No 1 Dolma producer in the world and for a good reason. Awards like the Great Taste Award 2013 (UK) and the Superior Taste Award 2016 and 2014 by the International Taste and Quality Institute-Brussels, justify the popularity of our dolmas.

Palirria's products are distributed in more than 50 countries around the globe and total annual production exceeds 17.500 tons.