Politika, 23/12/2014

Mr. Sotiris Seimanidis, an experienced manager of the food sector with 25 years in top management positions, was appointed Vice President of Palirria.

For this change Mr. Constantinos Souliotis, Palirria’s president said: '' During the past two years of our successful cooperation, Mr. Seimanidis has contributed significantly to the achievement of excellent results and has transferred valuable know-how in all functions of our company. Beyond our business relationship, we are connected with Sotiris in a strong friendship that makes us feeling him an integral part of our family.’
In the capacity of his enhanced role he will continue to support and coach our management team focusing on business development, commercial operations, marketing and financial services.
We are confident that, with his valuable contribution, we will achieve our growth objectives. We wish him every success in his new role.

Mr. Seimanidis stated: '' I am glad with my collaboration with Palirria as I strongly believe that it represents one of the best extrovert Greek businesses. I am sure that with hard work and dedication to our goals will further expand Palirria’s presence in the international markets. ''