Like most of us, at PALIRRIA we are attentively watching developments of the Coronavirus and how they affect the world.

From the very first moment we have responded following the instructions of the government and all relevant state bodies. And of course, we are consulting by the experts in drawing up our action plan, which is already in place. Our main concern is to be able to effectively protect our people, our partners and our consumers while continuing to supply our customers worldwide, business as usual.
The prevention plan applied to Palirria Group of Companies that continue normally producing includes:

  • Encouraging vulnerable people within our team to stay at home
  • Applying a teleworking model where applicable
  • For departments requiring a physical presence of staff, rotating employees on site, ensuring in parallel that the number required for the plants to function properly is present.
  • Taking measures to reduce physical contact of people working within the premises
  • Checking the temperature of the employees entering our premises
  • Postponing all scheduled audits and travels
  • Checking the temperature and forbidding visiting other facility sites, of all truck drivers entering our premises
  • Informing employees about personal hygiene issues, providing them disposable masks and gloves (which has always been the case)
  • Strictly complying with all health and safety rules communicated by the government and all relevant authorities
  • Immediately adopting all traffic prohibition and other governmental measures, providing all necessary documents to personnel whose physical presence is required on site
  • It goes without saying that all of us at Palirria continue production and supply, focused on ensuring the superb quality of all our products. We produce products that are distinguished not only for their excellent taste, but also for their high quality thanks to our recipes, superior ingredients, non-preservatives usage and the most modern and safe packaging methods.

At Palirria, we will continue to monitor developments closely and adapt accordingly for the safety and excellent service of all our partners and consumers.

At the same time, we urge everyone in the wider family of Palirria, as well as all our collaborators, clients, suppliers and fellow consumers to follow the instructions and measures of the government and relevant bodies for the common good.

May we all be careful and with patience, responsibility and understanding we will win this battle!