My Greek Meal


Pastitsio is children's most favorite Greek pasta dish usually found at the Sunday family table. We prepare this typical Greek dish, with layers of penne and delicately spiced minced meat. On top lies a creamy béchamel with grated kefalotiri cheese. Pastitsio is brought to you by Palirria with tender loving care!

Enjoy this yummy plate in a few minutes!




  •  Nutritional Information
     Per 100g
     Energy Value
     749 kJ / 179 kcal
     Fat  8,9g
         of which saturated  2,9g
     Carbohydrate  15,9g
         of which sugars  1,7g
     Dietary Fibres  1,5g 
     Protein  8,1g 
     Salt  0,7g

  • Béchamel 47% (milk, water, wheat flour, soya oil, butter, kefalotiri cheese, eggs, sea salt, sugar, white pepper, nutmeg), pasta penne 25,6% (durum wheat semolina, water), minced beef meat 13,6%, peeled tomatoes, olive oil 1%, tomato paste, onions, kefalotiri cheese, sea salt, bread crumbs (wheat flour, corn oil, yeast, sugar, sea salt), sugar, black pepper, pimento, cinnamon.

  • Conventional oven
    Preheat fan forced oven to 180°C.
    Place frozen meal in the middle shelf of the oven with paper lid still on.
    Bake for 25-30 minutes or until béchamel turns gold.
    Let stand 10 minutes before serving.
    Carefully remove the lid and serve. Before serving, make sure that the food is heated evenly.

    Ovens may adjust baking time if necessary.

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