Squid Pan with Giants Beans

Squid Pan with Giants Beans


Put the olive oil together with the onions in a pan to soften and cook over medium heat for 10 minutes, stirring often.

Add the celery and squid, stir and let them cook for an additional 4 minutes. Then, remove from the heat, add the lemon and the zest, season with salt and pepper and add the Giants Yachni Tide.

Put the food back on the fire, so that all the ingredients are heated and homogenized. Serve in a deep dish!

Tip: We can add 2 sprigs of fresh thyme for extra aroma!

  • Time 20'
  • Ingredients 8
  • Portions 2


1 package Giants Beans 280g Palirria
1 medium dry onion in thin slices
2 sprigs of chopped celery
Juice & zest of a lemon
2 tbsp. olive oil
8 squid cut into slices
Salt Pepper